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African American Online Writers Guild
American Copy Editors Society
American Society of Indexers
Am. Soc. of Journalists and Authors
Association of Authors and Publishers
Authors and Illustrators on the Web
Authors Guild
Authors Registry
Boulder Writers Alliance
California Journalism Online
Canadian Authors Association
Community of the Book Organizations
Community Writers Association
Dorland Mountain Arts Colony
Editorial Freelancers Association
Heartland Writers Guild
Independent Writers of Chicago
Independent Writers of So. California
Int.l Food, Wine & Travel Writers Assoc.
Loft, The
Manitoba Writers' Guild
Mass Media Alliance
National Association of Science Writers
National Writers Union
Nebraska Center for Writers
North Carolina Arts Council
North Carolina Writers' Network
(Southern) Oklahoma Writers' Guild
Outdoor Writers Association of America
Public Safety Writers Association
Professional Writers of Orange County
Publishers Marketing Association
Queensland Writers Centre Assoc, Inc.
Redwood Library
Criminal Justice Reportersí Network
Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers
Saskatchewan Writer's Guild
Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers of Am.
SLOT, THE: A Spot for Copy Editors
Small Pub., Authors & Writers Network
Society for Technical Communication
Society of Professional Journalists
Washington Independent Writers
Writer's Center
Writer's Federation of New Brunswick
Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia
Writer's Guild of Alberta
Writers Guild of America
Writers Guild of America, East
Writers Guild of America, West
Writers Guild of Canada (WGC)
Writers Room
Writers South Florida
Wyoming Writers, Inc.

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